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Filesharing without the petty rules

Freedom from coercive power structures

Filesharing without the petty rules!
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Tired of pain in the ass rules at other filesharing sites? Ask for a song, only to be rejected because it wasn't in the right format, not labelled clearly enough, or because you didn't jump through a firey hoop backwards and upside down holding a sparkly gremlin?

Or, did you just stumble upon this accidentally?

In any case, welcome to fileshare_free the filesharing community free of petty rules and hassles. While I understand that many people like petty rules and hassles, I think a lot of people would rather just do their own thing -- and exchange quality media between like-minded individuals.

Not to be a blatant hippocrit, but there are unfortunately a few housekeeping rules.

1. The RIAA and overpaid members of the music industry do not like you sharing/stealing/partaking freely of their music.
1.a. Therefore, this community does not *promote* piracy. Nor does it say that it is good, advisable, legal, moral, or in any way acceptable in a civilized society.
1.b. Like many filesharing websites (yousendit, megaupload), we state that the purpose of sharing/uploading/downloading copywritten media is to sample the music and then delete it. All users of this journal agree that you are a free agent, acting of your own free will to do whatever with the files you send/receive. Please use this site accordingly.
1.c. Remember, this is a great way to promote your own music, that you own, that you would love the world to hear! Filesharing communities exist for all sorts of reasons, one is for shameless self-promotion!

2. Advertising for other communities is acceptable as long as it is in some way related. For example, another filesharing community, a community for a band or lyrics, a community about a movie or TV show that people might be interested in -- those are fine. On the other hand, an advertisement of your community about your new brand of penis enlargers is not appropriate. Unless there is some shared software associated with the penis enlarger.

3. All entries are friends-only by demand and default. You don't need to do anything to make them friends-only, and you can't change it either.

4. If you are blatantly trolling and have no purpose for existence, I will probably remove you. However, if you entertain me, I might keep you. As a pet.

5. Cutting long entries would be advisable, if you want to avoid massive comments complaining about how you're screwing up friend's pages. If you don't want to, then let the masses bitch away.

6. If you upload something and would like people to comment when they take it, feel free to ask them to. It would be courteous to comment to these people, but if this doesn't happen, don't come bitching to me, it is courtesy only, not a requirement.

7. If you are a copyright holder or representative, and you see copywritten material being used in not-so savory ways that violate the copyright, contact the moderator at berthablue@gmail.com and the entry will be immediately and permanently removed from our site with no questions asked.

Feel free to upload with whatever you feel most comfortable using.
Feel free to upload anything you'd like (software, music, and movies are just a few examples). **But remember, copyright infringement is illegal** so you are uploading/downloading at your own risk.
Feel free to request.
Feel free to recommend.
Feel free to post leftovers from other downloads (I ♥ leftovers!)