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song request and offers *u*

Posted by akirezaoldik on 2008.07.26 at 09:19
Current Mood: accomplished
Hi. I'm looking for songs/albums of Nickelback, Incubus, Coldplay, Panic!at the Disco, Maroon 5, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Switchfoot.

Also, any Classic Music.

Please, I really want to listen to these albums. :3

In exchange, I give you: Ebooks! ^__^ Just leave a comment of the titles you're looking for and I'll check if I have them. :3

Thank you!

Posted by akirezaoldik on 2008.07.13 at 20:25
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Hi. Does anyone have the ff books?

The Road Less Traveled by Dr. M Scott Peck
Any book by Charles Dickens
The Giver by Lois Lowry
Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

Oh, and I'm still looking for:
American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Hogfather by Terry Pratchett
Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Any books about Writing Fiction, Nonfiction, Fantasy or Children's Literature
Any book by Sidney Sheldon

Please and thank you so much! ^___^

嵐 | Nino | Believe
Posted by aibajunior on 2008.07.06 at 14:55
Current Location: Home
Current Music: These Streets by Paolo Nutini
Does anyone have Drunken Lullabies, Swagger, and Float by Flogging Molly, The Warrior's Code by Dropkick Murphys, Ben Folds Five by Ben Folds Five, Ministry of magic EP, Roonil wazlib EP, Harry and the Potters albums, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse ebooks?

check out my last.fm and I'll upload stuff for you in return!


Posted by shadowcatcatcat on 2008.07.05 at 14:09
Current Mood: crazycrazy
I'm looking for these albums:

• Atonement OST
• Brokeback Mountain OST
• Penelope OST
• Die Welle OST
Bend it like Beckham OST
• Land - Patti Smith
• Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene
• Jazz ist anders - Die Ärzte
• Bäst of - Die Ärzte
• Geräusch - Die Ärzte
• Ab 18 - Die Ärzte
• Sleuth OST

Thanks a lot!

A little gift:

The Tracey Fragments OST : hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?c4yex2nhmjj (change 'xx' to 'tt')

I simply fell in love with Trigun when it came on Adult Swim. To me Vash was just misunderstood and in the wrong place at the wrong time(a homicidal brother bent on all of mankind's destuction helps too). The soundtrack is real good. Sound Life is one of the best Anime Songs I heard in a while. Vash is the kind of kind hearted guy you would wanna hang out. He doesn't change that mach as in the manga. He is "a little bit more mature" but not much.

The infamous outlaw, Vash the Stampede, is worth $$60,000,000,000. Naturally, Vash meets up with plenty of Bounty Hunters. Today he meets another 2 crazy guys who are after his $$60,000,000,000 head. Vash doesn’t want to hurt anyone when it’s not neccesary. Enter two crazy insurance girls who is sent on a mission to prevent Vash from causing damage. When he is backed into a corner, he still fills out his promise and manages to take out the 2 Bounty Hunters without using a single bullet. But still manages to blow a town to bits.




For more information including the track list and the link to the download click the cut*after one day all posts will be members only, this is to prevent leechers*

(cut to my media community)

Posted by tailvr92 on 2008.03.09 at 16:38
Could I please have the albums Teenage Graffiti and Hot Pink by The Pink Spiders?!!!
AND The Morning Light - The Sounds Of Love 

I will return somethings tonight!!!!!

I need these for a class in school!

friday night lights

Posted by melissamcgregor on 2008.01.02 at 13:32
anyone have single link download for season 1 and 2 of friday night lights thanks

happy pills

I'm feeling generous

Posted by katastrophic on 2007.11.10 at 14:39
I'm offering up my playlist, let me know if anything interests you. In return, i ask that you upload your favorite album, as I'm looking for new music to listen to.

Follow the CutCollapse )


The Weepies

Posted by upsideout on 2007.08.25 at 14:19
Anyone happen to have the album Say I Am You by The Weepies? I'd absolutely love a copy. Thanks!

Posted by kaiserstolz on 2007.05.30 at 07:00
Current Location: Berlin
Current Mood: rushedrushed
Current Music: Spoken - Sleep Well Tonight
hey guys... great livejournal. So much free music. ^^ =D

I'm searching for the Song "New Shoes" by "Paolo Nutini" I would be very happy if there's somebody who could upload this song for me.
And maybe albums by Paradise Lost. =D

And for you I've a lot of albums like:

LostAlone - Say no to the world
Breaking Benjamin - Phobia
30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie
Billy Talent - Billy Talent I,II
Eskimo Joe - Black Fingernails, Red Wine
My Chemical Romance - (the 3 Albums)
The Killers - Hot Fuss and Sam's Town
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Don't you fake it
Panic! at the Disco - Live and the first album
Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder
Good Charlotte (the 4 Albums)
Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance
Fall out Boy - Infinity On High
Lostprophets - A Liberation Transmission & Start Something
Cute Is What We Aim For - The Sam old Blood Rush With A New Touch
Savage Garden - Savage Garden & Affirmation
The Subways - Young For Eternity
The Used - Lies For The Liar

and many more like 3DoorsDown, Bryan Adams, Linkin Park and so on. =D

and many more Singles like
Spoken - Sleep Well Tonight
One Fine Day - Damn Right
Saosin - I Never Wanted To

Just ask me what you want and I upload it for you if it's in my sortiment. ^^

And dont forget, I'm searching for "Paolos Nutinis - New Shoes" and Albums by Paradise Lost.

GLG Kaiserstolz

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